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" . . . brimming with musical ideas, styles, and rhythms . . . "
-Andrew Druckenbrod, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
" James Ogburn's music stirs any musician's intellect and spirit alike . . . collaborations with him are always very rewarding."
-Chris Hughes, Director of Bands, New Mexico State University
" A Picture in Einstein's Hand is . . . a deeply psychological piece, one that successfully captures the feeling of trapped memories, disquiet thoughts, and optimistic exhilaration with fine compositional technique and sensitive formal planning . . . For me, Ogburn's Complements and Collisions is the disc's most compelling piece. The repetitive plodding gestures in the orchestra - recalling the spartan frugality of Stravinsky's music from the 1920's - provide an ideal environment for the solo oboe part to speak with unobstructed clarity. The melodic contour of the oboe is in turn fortified with an array of beautiful grace notes, appoggiaturas, and trills with an emphasis on interplay between sweet tones and abrasive resonances. Unlike APiEH, the tendency here is toward the upper partials, which gives the piece - despite its intended misalignment - a sense of spiritual purity and glass-like transparency . . . The disc closes with Ogburn's richly colorful Wschodni Wiatr (An Eastern Wind) . . . a chimerical and rhapsodic work where brassy fanfares compete with burlesque violin cadenzas and intricate percussive passages. The contrast is bewildering but ultimately successful . . . From an extra-musical perspective, WW does a remarkably perceptive job capturing the contradictions within a [Polish] society where East does really meet West in unusual and often incongruous ways."
-Paul Cesarczyk, "Review of Faces of Love," Music Journal, vol. 18, no. 10